Oh I was sooo excited to write an article like this one here! I always said that, IF I ever start watching series I want to film a YouTube video or write a blogpost to talk about my favorite ones. Just one year ago I didn’t watch series nor YouTube videos (regularly). I never had a reference to watching tv. It just made no sense to me. Even when I was a child I didn’t spend much time in front of the tv because I didn’t like most of the shows there.

Apparently, even when I was about 4 years old, I told my cousin that I didn’t understand why she was sitting in front of the TV watching Teletubbies. At that time everyone was watching it, except me. ?I told here that it makes no sense to watch it and that it’s a waste of time.

Yeah, I was a weird child. ?

Series and YouTube

About one year ago everything has changed a bit. My whole life long I didn’t just watch YouTube video to get entertained. I used YouTube as a tool to find tutorials and facts about a certain topic. But when I started a YouTube channel myself last year I also started consuming other creators content. And I liked it!

Shortly thereafter we bought a TV for our apartment & Netflix became a deal.

For months I didn’t care about that. I just watched series or movies with my boyfriend and his brother who live here with me. But I never used it just for myself. I didn’t even think about watching a series. But things have changed. 2 or 3 months ago I opened my MacBook and Netflix. I was curious and looked for my first ever series I’d watch by myself.

Wow. This feels so stupid. I’m actually writing about a topic normal prople don’t even think about because it’s a normal part of their lives for a longer time now, I guess. And I’m sitting here with my 22 years feeling like I’ve discovered a whole new world with a lot of fun inside but also dark sides I need to be aware of. ? Let me know in the comment section if you think about stuff like this here or if it’s all normal. I’m curious!

Series and their (negative) influence

Watching a series is like living another life for a short time. Like slipping into another role. We cheer with the characters from the series, cry with them, feel their pain, their joy, get frightened when something scary happens and laugh if there’s something funny happening. All our emotions get influenced and „used“.

Already after a short time of „being into that watching series game“ I realized that there are series which make my mood brighter and others which leave me with a worse mood.

That’s why I don’t watch horror movies anymore. I don’t like that a display can cause such bad emotions, control my feelings and stress my heart. I didn’t want to switch off the TV with a worse mood than I switched it on.

Sammy C - Serien, fernsehen, tv

Photo by Oliur on Unsplash

Consciously watching series

When I realized how much impact series and movies have on my emotions I stopped watching „negative“ shows and started watching happy and funny stuff which lifted up my mood.

Do you know what I mean? There are these „light series“ and those „dark, heavy“ ones. I think you know what I mean.

Nowadays I’m still focused on the „light“ series because I love it when I just watch something that makes me laugh or at least doesn’t make my mood worse than before. 🙂

All about the balance

Meanwhile I think it’s all about the balance. We don’t need to rule out one thing completely. It’s just – like in every area of life – about finding a healthy balance.

As you’ll notice below, I also watch series which don’t belong to the „light sort“ of series. But these ones are the minority and I only watch them conscious and not just by the way.

Sometimes I watch the „light ones“ while I have my meals or they even play in the background when I’m doing something else. That are rare situations, but it’s really important to me that if I do it, it’s nothing „dark and heavy“. Wow… I really wonder if someone understands what I wanna tell here ?

Earlier in our relationship my boyfriend and I had the same discussion again and again. Nearly every single evening. He loves watching a series/movie before sleeping and he doesn’t care if he falls asleep while something’s playing in the TV. I’m totally different in that point. I get mad when I „have to“ watch TV and thus have to be with an electronic device even in bed. But the more important reason why I don’t wanna fall asleep while the TV runs is because I strongly believe that my subconscious mind soaks in EVERYTHING what I hear while I sleep. This topic was present for such a long time and I’m beyond grateful that we’ve found a solution and don’t need to discuss that anymore. 🙂

But again, it became more and more clear to me how big the influence of digital entertainment is.

Well – so everything has its pros and contras 🙂 Time to go to the happy part ?

My favorite series I highly recommend

This part is the one I’m most excited about! Finally I can name you „favorite series“, because I even know some at all. ? Here are the ones I enjoyed the most. Have fun!

  • White Collar
    • I watched this series 3 times, because I just loved it! All the characters are incredibly good and have an interesting role! Also I love White Collar because it’s not – like in most series – about murder and nearly no scene is really bloody.
  • Girlboss
    • Girlboss was the last series I finished. I found it unbelievably inspiring and amazing that it’s a real story that happened exactly how they showed it in that show! // I was so inspired after the last episode that I had to write a blogpost with the title „Just f*ckin‘ go for it!“ right after. ?
  • Modern Family
    • At the moment I’m watching Modern Family. I think everyone knows that series. It’s funny, light and so refreshing 🙂
  • Dynasty
    • The first series I ever watched by myself – and with which my Netflix-Love was born – was „Dynasty“. Even though it’s not really a „light“ series I had an amazing time watching it! But I wonder why there wasn’t such a big hype around this series as it was around Game of Thrones or Riverdale.
  • Riverdale
    • Riverdale is absolutely worth the hype! Riverdale has stolen my heart! Back then when everyone was talking about it I didn’t care, but when I finished Dynasty, Netflix recommended me Riverdale because I watched Dynasty, so I gave it a chance and fell in love! I’m so excited about season 3! Riverdale is another „dark“ series and I didn’t watch it episode by episode but rather took time and consciously watched it.?
  • New Girl
    • New Girl is similar to Modern Family. Just a funny, light series with amazing actors. 🙂
  • Prison Break
    • Prison Break is another recommendation if you didn’t watch it already (but I guess everyone knows this one). I watched this series 2 or 3 times. But the last time I didn’t like it that much anymore because it’s really no funny series. It’s always all about life and death. But it’s definitely interesting and the actors are incredible!
  • Suits
    • I think this one was the first series I ever watched from beginning to end! And I’d watch Suits over and over again! I don’t know anyone who’s watched this series and didn’t love it! 😀

Well, I guess these were all my favorite series. Let me know YOUR favorite ones in the comment section! Maybe I find my next one there for the time after I’ve finished Modern Family ? & if you want, let me know how you find articles like this one! 🙂

Which series are you watching at the moment?

Happy Monday!

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