Deciding what you want in life and which path to choose by the age of 16? Uhmm okay. Makes sense. Or not. For me it doesn’t.  In my opinion the ages between 18 and 30 are perfect to take risks and to make mistakes. To learn, to fall, to lose it all. To learn lessons for life and so on. Funny, that one of the most successful human beings (in my eyes) has the same view on that like me. Gary Vaynerchuk.

Some days ago I watched a video he uploaded on this YouTube channel where he’s talking about „having life figured out by such young ages“.

We all live in a world where the pressure of society is enormously high. A world where we should decide what we wanna do as a profession. A world where we should have figured it all out by damn young ages. A world where we should be married and have children by the age of 30. Mistakes are seen as a bad thing and we should better avoid them and follow a „normal, save path“.

This time is here to take risks, make mistakes and give life a direction

You haven’t figured out life by the age of 22? You lost it all by the age of 25? Who cares? The time between 18 and 30 are the perfect years to figure out what you want in life and what you don’t. It’s the time where you can take huge risks and fall with them. It’s a time to chase every dream and let some dreams pop because they don’t matter anymore. Just LIVE LIFE. Mistakes are a really important part into that process.

It doesn’t always have to go after a plan and no, you don’t need to have absolved seven further formations by the age of 25. And you also don’t need to be married if you don’t feel like it or met the person to do so.

Adults know what life is about

When I was younger I always thought that all the adults and parents know exactly what they need to do to have it all under control. I thought they have it all figured out. 

Nowadays I think that they just feel like they have to act like that to be kind of a role model for kids. 

When I „grew up“ and became an „adult“ I felt like all the adults and parents have dropped those masks. Like they could finally breathe and don’t have to act like they have a clue about life anymore.

Sammy C - Leben, Fehler, Fehler machen, mistake, mistakes, erwachsen, Buch, Bücher, books
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And for me this is something really positive! I think we shouldn’t even have to wear masks.

Back to when I moved from my parents house by the age of 17 years, I realized that nothing has changes. You don’t know more about life and it doesn’t get any clearer just because you’re an adult now. You just have more responsibility. And you’re more afraid of making mistakes of course. That’s it.

Probably we all just have a very strange idea of adulthood. In my opinion we’re children until we’re 30. Maybe I’ll say we’re children until we’re 40, when I’ve reached the 30th year of life – who knows. But right now 30 seems pretty logical to me.

Why should we know what we want from life when we’re 18? 18 is such a young age! Not even our bodies are full grown out, but we should already have figured out where we wanna go in life?

Children until we’re 30

Until our 18th year of life we’re children who shouldn’t be on their own. And from the age of 18 we’re children who want to be on our own to discover the world.

Sammy C - Kind sein, Kind, Fehler, Fehler machen, mistake, mistakes, Leben
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It’s exactly those years that start by the age of 18 in which we learn who we are, what we want and what we don’t want. Those years in which we travel the world and meet new people. Those years in which we can afford to take huge risks and to lose it all. Those years that set the base for the next decades.

So why should we waste those precious years with things we don’t like? Things that steal our time we should better use to discover ourselves and the world? Why should we try to fit in a pattern we don’t even see sense in? Why is this pressure of „rather going the normal/save path“ so heavy? Why is the fear of making mistakes so huge?

Dreamers take more time

It’s harder to live your dreams than to absolve an education and work on a job after that. Way harder. And it also takes more time (in most cases).

It’s also easier and faster to buy a houseplant, than growing a tree. For me it’s the same with human lives. The houseplant is the path which most of us think they have to go. Growing a tree is, taking time to grow, to learn and to follow your heart to truly LIVE life with purpose.

It’s a forever game

As Gary Vaynerchuk says in his video: „Figuring everything out is a forever game.“

There won’t be a point in life where you know how life goes. No mistake, no lesson and no time can bring us to that point. And that’s the wonderful thing of this whole process.

Sam Cadosch - Ego, Freiheit, Glück, Fehler, mistake, Liebe - cover

This whole life is a journey. A journey that lasts as long as our life. Maybe we should perceive life as „life“ a little more again instead of thinking about „What I should have reached til now“. That takes all the pressure away. 🙂

We have our whole life in front of us! Let’s enjoy it. ❤️

Here’s Gary Vee’s video which gave me the pulse to write this post: Damn inspiring! ✨

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