Unbelievable but true: You’re reading the blogpost about self-discipline which was requested for such a long time! On Instagram you’ve asked me to write about this topic for months – so here we go…

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Self-discipline as the only way to success

I never really thought about self-discipline. I just went to work each day and got my personal stuff done in the evenings. I never had problems with staying focused or „self-disciplined“. I just did it because I wanted to get my stuff done – simple as that.

In 2016 when I quit my job the whole game has changed. I decided to become an entrepreneur, self employed – however you wanna call it. I wanted to make a living with freelance jobs and my own projects. And that’s when self-discipline became an important topic in my life.

Yesterday I randomly came accross a YouTube video by Mel Robbinson. She says what everyone else who is „his/her own boss“ says as well and I think this describes this whole thing sooo good:

„No one will come to tell you to stop watching tv. No one will come to tell you to work out. Not one will come to kick your ass. No one will come.“

That’s so, so true. You can’t imagine how true this is til you experience it by yourself. I always thought that quitting my job & working on my own will be the ultimate freedom – and it is! Don’t misunderstand me: I LOVE this „job“ and I’m still so, so happy that I’m going this way.

It’s a challenging way – but the right one for me.

The thing with self-discipline is a thing that I didn’t really know like this before. Because I didn’t need to make all the decisions and see which work I should do at what time. There was always a boss who told me what to do and I also didn’t have much responsibility.

So for me self-discipline became important when I started living & working on my own. Before I was living this „lifestyle“ I had big goals already to come where I am today. But I had so little time that I always felt highly motivated to use it as much as possible to live my dream life as soon as possible. That’s why I never thought about „self-discipline“ before. I was self-disciplined without even noticing it.

Since self-discipline has such a huge impact on my daily business today I guess I can share some advice with you to help you improve your flow as well… 🙂

What do I need to be self-disciplined?

In my opinion the most important „ingredients“ for a self-disciplined everyday life are „motivation/the right purpose/a strong ‚why'“ & a plan.

The „why“

In the end it’s all about the reason why we do things. This „why“ behind our action is the motivation why we even start things.

You won’t work for your personal goals every evening after work if you can’t see purpose behind ist. You also won’t change your diet and stick to it if you don’t know „why“ you should do it. You need a deep motivation behind everything.

This „why“ doesn’t even have to be „complex“. It just has to come from the bottom of your heart. If you do something because you follow your passion and it makes you happy it’s an as good why as the why behind a huge goal.

A Plan

I think I can say that I’m kind of an organizational talent with a clear conscience. Making plans and organizing my everyday life is no problem for me. I have to be more careful that I don’t „overorganize“ and „overplan“ my days.

That’s why my current week- and dayplans look quite loose. I had a time when I really planned every little thing that’s gonna happen that day. Even things like „showering“ or „going out for a walk“. These are things I do anyways – I don’t need to remind myself to do that. But for some reason I did. It was kind of an addiction to tick all the completed tasks that I wanted to have more and more tasks I guess. And that was really unhealthy for me because when I completed all my tasks earlier than I thought I would I didn’t know what to do instead of working. I wasn’t able to take breaks anymore.

That’s why I stopped making plans for 2 months. I didn’t write any plan – and guess what; I still got my stuff done.

This time might sound like a „sick time“ because I was kinda restless. But to be honest: It was necessary. It taught me which kind of planning I need in my life. And that’s the story I wanna tell here. It’s all about finding what fits the best for YOU.

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6 tips for more self-discipline

The most important things to live a life with self-discipline is, as I said above, to have the right motivation behind it and to find the right way to make plans for your projects. I’d love to give you 6 tips for more self-discipline which help me each day:

  1. Slowlier is faster
    • Being disciplined doesn’t have anything to do with doing everything as fast as possible. We think so often, that productivity and discipline have something to do with quantity, but that’s not true. It’s all about delivering quality. Take time to complete your tasks and don’t stress yourself.
  2. Challenges: Yes please! Pressure: No thanks!
    • Setting goals is really important. And it’s great if they’re challenging. But they shouldn’t be a huge burden or set yourself under pressure too much for too long time. That would be more contra because you’ll quickly lose the whole joy while working for your goal.
  3. Take breaks!
    • Breaks ARE productive! That’s an important thing I had to learn first. As I mentioned above, I had my problems with „overworking“ and not taking enough breaks. But taking breaks is so important and productive! Everyone works better with full batteries 🙂
  4. Find YOUR way to plan
    • Planning is one of the most important things with being self-disciplined. There are so many ways to plan our lives. Find YOUR way to complete your tasks in a way that fits you best.
  5. Be true to yourself
    • It sounds so basic, but it’s SO important! Stay true to yourself. It’s so easy to lose the track of your way because we get influenced by so many people and situations each day. It’s necessary to regularly check up if you’re still on track. If you’re still doing what YOU want and not just following what all the others do.
  6. Self reflection
    • It’s not just important to regularly check if you still follow your path – this counts for every area of your life. Make sure that you self-reflect your life and situations every now and then. It’s very helpful to have a weekly reminder that tells you to sit down and think about everything you do and did the past week. 🙂

All the points above are incredible important to me. Some of them are easy to fulfill and nearly happen „automated“, while other points aren’t that easy goin‘ for me as well and I have to remind myself to do them. I think it will be the same for you 🙂

Are there points which aren’t listed here that are important for you to live a life full of self-discipline? Comment below! ❤️

I hope this article was inspiring and helpful in which way ever! 🙂 Enjoy your day & smile. Smile now. 🙂

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