There were many exits in my life. Where I just decided to get off. Situations, jobs, relationships or whatever. And I think this is a really important topic! Getting off is NOT giving up! 

Getting off is the way to freedom sometimes

Sam Cadosch - Getting off, Freedom, new way

Many people think that you gave up, when you’re getting off. But sometimes it’s just better to get off. When you’re captured into a situation that doesn’t grow you anymore or that just has no purpose anymore – then it’s better to get off. It’s not giving up then. It’s just going a new way that makes you happier.

My last exit was into my old job. Or better said: My education that I was absolving at this time. I have terminated 9 months before the final exams. Not because I thought I couldn’t do it. Because if I wanted I’d have passed. My grades were good and I knew my work into the company.

But I didn’t even wanted a degree of something that I didn’t wanted to be in anymore. Or… I never wanted to be in. For me it’s always been clear, that I don’t want that life. As you know now if you’ve read some of my blogposts. I wanted freedom. Wanted to decide by my own when I get up in the morning and what I do during the day. I wanted to get paid for my performance and not for my time that I spend in an office or something like that. I wanted to work from everywhere and not being depended on a working place. And I didn’t want to have to think about what’s with my job if I want to go on a world travel.

Getting off is brave

Many people say that it’s better to „pull through“ the situations, because „maybe“ it gets better if you do. And this is exactly why people lose so much lifetime in bad situations. Because they think they have to pull themselves through. Year for year. In situations that have no benefit for them.

Getting off is brave – because only people who KNOW where they want to be will get off!

Sam Cadosch - Getting off, freedom, new way, strong, strengthIf you have a new way in your mind that fulfills your life more, then go! It makes no sense to follow a way that doesn’t make you happy anymore just because it’s „normal“. Your needs change and sometimes the situations are just between solutions. It’s your right to get off when the new way brings more peace to your life.

Life’s about doing what you want and what makes you happy. And not about doing what’s normal. There are many different ways that you can choose. Choose the best for you. 


Your new way waits

But it doesn’t wait forever! I always see people that move their dreams to later. „I can go traveling the world when I’m a pensioner“ or sentences like that. I think that’s really sad. Because we never know what’s in some years. Maybe we’re not here anymore at this time. We don’t know when our last day comes. This sounds hard, I know. But it’s true. And this is why I live my life NOW. Not tomorrow or in some years. And to live your life now and fulfill your dreams you have to get off. Get off from things that don’t bring you there.

Sam Cadosch - Getting off, freedom, new way, way

Nevertheless it should be well thoughtSam Cadosch - Getting off, freedom, new way, way - pin

Please don’t misunderstand me: I don’t mean you should start a YOLO-Life (You only live once). If you get off from something you have to think about everything carefully. 

When I got off my job I exactly knew what I wanted my life to be after that exit! And I also knew that it won’t be easy. But I weighed the risks and then I decided that I want to go that new way. And THEN I got off.

This process didn’t last some weeks or months. It took years. Because when I realized that I want „the other life“ I was 12 years old. But at this time I wasn’t even working. I went to school like every other child as well. But when I started working I started to build my new business which I wanted to live from when I’m 20. So when I was 18 and I could make my own decisions (legally) I started to work harder as hard. I didn’t go on parties or whatever. I just worked my ass off. Learned many things about personal development and business. And I found out that this way is really making me much more happy than the other one. And then – one day I reached my goal when I was still an employee. And this day was my last day. I didn’t tell everyone that I wanted to exit. I just did it. It was Friday and I went to the office like every other day too. And then I told my boss that I’m getting off. That I quit. And on Friday afternoon my new way started.

What I want to say with this blogpost

Life your life the way you wanna live it. No matter what other people say or think. It’s not true that every person has to sacrifice something for the society or whoever. You have the right to live your way however you want to live it. And before you reget that you didn’t really live at the end of your days – do it now!

This blogpost means a lot to me and I think it’s really important. Maybe you’ll notice it at my writing. It’s a really important topic which is too often concealed out there…

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I’m looking forward to your comment to have nice talks below this post 🙂


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