Yesterday was the official beginning of autumn. And it’s the first beginning of autumn ever that I don’t feel sad about. All the past years I really wanted summer to last forever and autumn – the harbinger of winter – never to come.

This year is different. This year I’m really looking forward to autumn! Maybe it’s because I couldn’t really enjoy this summer, respectively the summer temperatures, because of my health issues. Maybe it’s because this summer was just way too hot for me personally. Or maybe it’s because I just love those days where I sit in front of the window and watch the moody weather with a hot cup of tea in my hands and a cuddly hoodie on. It’s probably the latter. ☺️

7 reasons to love autumn

Ready for some autumn euphoria and inspiration? I picked 7 reasons (could write 20!), why I love autumn and why it’s just beautiful to celebrate this season of the year!

  • All the colors
    • One of the most beautiful things about autumn is all the colors! I love to go for walks in the forest with all those colorful leaves that cover the whole forest. Think about the smell of wet leaves! ?Also this scenery is amazing for photo shootings! ☺️
Sammy C - lesen, Buch, Herbst, Autumn, frau, Herbstlandschaft, autumn landsCpe
Photo by Eric Muhr on Unsplash
  • Slow down
    • Autumn invites to slow down. While in spring the whole world comes back to life and in summer the year is running on full speed, autumn is here to come down. To calm down. To get ready for the end of the year. Moreover, we don’t need to have a bad conscience for staying inside anymore! Now we’re totally allowed to stay inside and just do nothing.
  • Enjoyable temperatures
    • Where we talk about warmth: The heat is over now. At least outside 🙂 Now the temperatures, where we don’t start sweating with the least movement but still don’t need to wear 7 hoodies when we’re outside, are back again!
  • Silly season
    • Also the well-known silly season is over. Do you know the situation in summer when it’s all about using the beautiful weather and jumping into a cold lake as often as possible? During that time many things are left behind. But now we have time to get those things done again! Nice!
  • The creativity flow is back again!
    • With autumn creativity comes back again. Suddenly all the ideas are bubbling up all the time and we feel the need to sit down and create! Or at least for me it’s like that. But I know I’m not the only one 🙂
  • Time to read
    • In autumn there’s enough time to just sit down on a couch and read a good book. I mean, reading is amazing no matter what season it is. But I think it’s better in the colder seasons 🙂
Sammy C - lesen, Buch, Herbst, Autumn, frau, book, curious
Sammy C - lesen, Buch, Herbst, Autumn, frau, book

Book recommendation: The Unlikely Pilgrimage Of Harold Fry! I think I’ll be done with that book tomorrow or on Wednesday and I’m already sad about it, because this book is just SO amazing! In the past 12 months I didn’t read any book that thrilled me like that! It’s SO interesting, fascinating and full of homespun philosophies!

  • Pumpkin season
    • With autumn the pumpkins come back! Former I didn’t understand why all the people were talking about pumpkin soup and got so excited about it. Since I make pumpkin soup by myself I totally understand it!
  • Netflix & Tea
    • Of course this shouldn’t be missed: The cozy hours with Netflix and a hot cup of tea!

By the way: Here you can find my blogpost with recommendations for Netflix series!

2 things we need to pay more attention to in autumn

Autumn is wonderful and brings so many beautiful aspects into our life. Nevertheless, a few things are missing during that season. 2 things our body needs now:

Hello winterdepression

At the end of autumn many people are experiencing something called „winter depression“. They feel knocked off, unpowered, tired and would rather stay in bed all day than get up and do anything.

What many people don’t know: Winter depression comes from a lack of sun in most cases. Most people of the western world have a vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is also called „the sun vitamin“ and it’s infinitely important for our body and well being. Vitamin D isn’t just anti-inflammatory – it’s also decisive for our mental health.

Sammy C - Herbst, autumn, happy, Vitamin D, Sonne, glücklich, Frau

When the vitamin D level drops, often depressions or winter depressions come around.

That’s why we need to keep the vitamin D levels up all year long! 🙂 

What many people don’t know: Vitamin D3 must be taken in combination with Vitamin K2, so that the desired effect occurs!

Preferably you do your own research to read more about this interesting and very important topic! You’ll be surprised for how many health issues a vitamin D deficiency can be responsible for.

Your skin needs love

Another thing we often forget about in autumn is our skincare. Many people know the struggle when the skin gets dry and scaly and just doesn’t look as fresh and shiny anymore.

That’s why it’s so important to do proper skincare right from the beginning of the colder seasons. 

How does your skincare routine look like? Let me know in the comments! ❤️

fully enjoy autumn

So, now it’s time to just fully enjoy autumn – with all his colors! I’m looking forward to all the walks in orange/red colored forest! And maaaaany hot cups of tea!

What are you looking forward the most this fall?

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