I get soooo many messages on Instagram where you ask me about healthy eating. I often post my meals in my Insta stories and sometimes I even share my recipes. It seems like this raises up a question for many people who follow me: How the hell do I manage to eat healthy all the time? How can it be that it looks so easy?

The answer for the latter is: „It IS really easy.“ ?

That’s why I want to share some tips and thoughts about this topic here in this blogpost.

Nutrition is something that accompanies us on a daily basis and sometimes it seems like a mystery – especially if it comes to healthy eating.

Sammy C - healthy eating 3

A little disclaimer here: I don’t tell anyone how to eat and what’s the best for anyone. It’s just MY experience and an insight into my current know was. 

Healthy eating means for me…

…that I feel great! In my body and soul.

What suits the best for me and how my meals are designed:

  • vegan
  • gluten-free
  • sugar-free

As you know by now, I live on a vegan- and sugar-free diet for almost two years now. Since 2-3 months I also cut out gluten from my nutrition because I informed myself about it and decided that this isn’t something I want to put into my body.

So much for my „nutrition style“

How it used to be

When I think back to times when I didn’t care about healthy eating I’m really proud of my body that it survived all of this crap. ? Back then I wouldn’t even have called it „nutrition“.

For years my nutrition was controlled by eating disorders and I saw food as something bad. It all started in my childhood already. 

About 4 years ago I started working on it. It wasn’t even about healthy eating. It was just about getting rid of my eating disorders. And I think this has worked out pretty well! I mean it’s still a work in progress – but it goes pretty good.☺️

At this time I had no clue about the impact nutrition can have – in a positive- and negative sense. I mainly ate croissants, chips, pizza, schnitzel, fries, kebap and drank a ton of Red Bull. ?

Sammy C - gesunde Ernährung / eating healthy / junkfood
Photo by Evelyn on Unsplash

With time I started to inform myself about health in connection with food. Often I was shook because I couldn’t understand why we don’t learn these things at school. 

Definitely it came for me that I no longer wanted to consume animal products. At this point I didn’t know anything about the environmental factors – I made this decision only based on the health facts. 

Today I stand behind this decision even more and I get even more sure about it day by day. I’m so damn grateful to be where I am today and that I’m learning more and more with each day that passes. Nutrition really changed a lot for the better in my life and it shows me how important it is to treat our bodies well. 

Ok, enough of my story by this point. I just wanted to tell you a little bit about it to show you my background and reasons. It shouldn’t always look like it’s all perfect and went flawless all the time.

The beginning of healthy eating

Many people struggle a lot with the beginning of healthy eating because they have too many unhealthy habits. And this is the point. 

The habits

A healthy- or unhealthy nutrition is just a matter of habit. It’s just about replacing old patterns with new ones. 

I think the best way to start is by observing your habits. What do you eat? When do you eat? Do you listen to your body/intuition or do you eat for emotional reasons?

It also helps to journal. To write down everything you observe in relation to your eating habits.

First steps to healthy eating

After observing the first actions come. Preferably you do it all slowly and flowing. It’s no good idea to change EVERYTHING within 24 hours just to see that it was too much at once within 48 hours. 

Every little step counts and every little steps brings you a little step closer to your goal.

Sammy C - gesunde Ernährung / healthy eating / lunch / Mittagessen
That’s how a lunch of mine looks like. 🙂

I think it also doesn’t work if you just renounce. That method hurts too much and after some days you’ll fall back to where you started again. It’s not about renunciation – it’s about finding healthy alternatives for unhealthy habits.

I also didn’t go 100% vegan from one day to the other. It took almost one whole year. And that’s totally fine. 

That way I never felt like I’m giving up something. I’ve learned that it’s only renunciation if you didn’t replace it with something new that tastes and feels at least as good as the „bad habit“. With time I learned to know so many new meals and foods that the old ones seemed really boring and uncreative at some point. Until they did no longer exist in my nutrition. 🙂

Challenges help

Another thing that really helps me, is setting challenges. Four years ago I started setting myself little challenges when it comes to eating habits. For example: No sugar for one week, no dairy products for one week, no coffee for one week, etc. It’s really easy to start something as a challenge. Most challenges became habits for me because during the challenge time I realized how amazing it feels to do it. That’s also how I started practicing Yoga on a daily basis. 🙂 

Fasting for more awareness

Something that also really helped me a lot was fasting! An no, this isn’t a must to reach something. But I highly recommend it 🙂 If you decide to do it, do it when YOU feel the right time is here and after enough research! It’s quite challenging for our bodies to live without food for some days because we’re not used to is. The key is listening to your body all the time. 🙂

Fasting is something unbelievably beautiful for me. The relationship towards food I had after every time I fasted is just so wonderful! Especially because the food tasted soooo damn delicious and you really learn to appreciate every meal again. ❤️

If fasting is something for you, I recommend doing it right after the observing phase, because if you did it you’ll feel a damn powerful energy that tells you that now you can reach everything else as well! It’s such a great motivation booster (besides all the other benefits). ?

Why should I even change something?

The most important thing is always your „why„! I think all the times you really successfully changed something, it came from within. You just knew it’s right because you exactly knew WHY you did it.

Sammy C - gesunde Ernährung / eating healthy - fruity something
This is a little dessert I made some weeks ago. It’s SO simple and tasted even better than everything unhealthy you can buy! ?

When I wasn’t vegan I had a friend that changed his diet to a vegan one. He was talking about how bad milk is for humans and that we all should go vegan as well now. He did it in a friendly way – but still no one went vegan just because he was so sure about it. 

One day I felt that I want to go vegan from within. After hours and days of research I knew it was right. I felt like I was „flowing“ into it. With no pressure and all one by one.

And that’s how it’s supposed to be in my opinion. It has to come from within. You need to know WHY you do something. Otherwise you’ll give up again and again because you can’t see a sense behind it. No matter what you wanna change – it’s always about „the why„. 

Everything that comes from the outside can serve as inspiration – but the right decision comes from the bottom of your heart. And if you follow the path of your heart, nothing will bring you away from that path again.

Chips and chocolate

A few moments ago I asked myself if I should write about this topic NOW. If I really should publish this article here at this time.

Today is a day where I went to the next villa by train just to buy chocolate and chips! Vegan ones and still the healthiest they had – but it’s still chips and chocolate. ?

Hell YES! I think this moment is perfect to post this because I also have to say something about this topic. To eating unhealthy stuff every now and then. It’s not about forbidding yourself everything „unhealthy“. 

Too much healthy eating isn’t healthy anymore

In the past 4 years on my journey of nutrition I have learned, changed and tested so many things. And if I’ve realized ONE thing, then, that it’s never good to stick to something ALL THE TIME. For me it’s not.

Sammy C - gesunde Ernährung / eating healthy - coffee, chocolate

To „over-inform“ and push through everything all the time isn’t always a good idea. All the stuff I know about the impact unhealthy food can have in our health made me „anxious“. At some point I even doubted veggies because so many people told me that they’re not healthy anymore these days. When I went out to eat with friends and had something with sugar inside I had a bad consciousness afterwards because I ate something unhealthy. A friend of mine drinks iced tea all the time. She has a bottle of it with her wherever she goes. If I was thirsty when I was with her and forgot to bring my water I would never ever have had one sip of the iced tea because of the sugar in it. 

Until I realized that this isn’t healthy anymore. That it turned to a force at some point. And people, believe me: It was fuckin‘ hard to get out of that again. I think that’s also because my mind is still healing from my eating disorders – but I know I’m not the only one who deals with feelings and thoughts like this. Healthy eating is amazing and I highly recommend it for everyone! But life should still be fun.

Today I can drink iced tea, eat chips or chocolate sometimes without feeling guilty afterwards – and that’s exactly where I wanna be.❤️

Yeah, you see… my way was rocky. ? But I find it really important to talk about every aspect of this journey. I want to encourage you to come to healthy eating no matter where you are right now. It will change your whole life to the better, I promise. And you’re never alone.

That’s why I post an article about healthy eating on a day like today „even though“ I sit on my bed with chips and chocolate

In the end it’s just all about the balance. Make sure that the majority of your meals are healthy and everything’s fine. ❤️

Whatever you want to achieve: As long as you do it with all your heart, you’ll achieve it. Everything that comes from the outside serves as inspiration, start-up aid or information sources. But the spark has to come from within. ❤️

What does healthy eating mean for you? ? I’m looking forward to read your stories end experience down below in the comment section! ❤️

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