Okay, now I’m on fire! I just finished the series „Girlboss“. Maybe you know it – if not: Watch it! It’s a series about a girl who starts her own business. She doesn’t give a sh*t about what people think about her and her ideas. She just goes for it!

When I was done watching the last episode of this whole series I googled the website they were always talking about. It’s an online shop for clothes. The business, she has built. When I saw that the website actually existed I was so excited! Even the name of her (Sophia Amoruso) was correct! Sophia is a girlboss and the whole series was about her true story! That’s so amazing!

And that ispired me to write this blogpost, because I realized one important thing in my life…

We believe too often that we’re too small. Or our ideas are too big

At least I think that way too often. I have dreams, visions and ideas. And I guess I’m pretty good in setting a goal and doing everything to reach it. My „professional background“ of the past 6 years tells a lot about that, I guess (here you can read a bit of my story).

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But still – there’s this thought of not being good enough. Or not even „not good enough“, mostly it’s that I think that there are already so many amazing creators out there – why do they need me?

I got so many ideas. Sometimes just small ones like „Should I write about topic xy?“ and the next thought comes instantly: „No. No one cares about that. You need to figure out way better topics to make people benefit from your writing.“ Imagine what happens when I have „bigger“ ideas ?

Is failure so scary?

I don’t even know where those thoughts come from. Is it the fear of failure? Am I so afraid of failure? I don’t think so. Or maybe…?

Maybe I just think the effort is too big if I don’t make it where I want it to be. But that’s so stupid.

We can’t see if something works if we never try. And every start is hard I guess.

Today I saw Casey Neistat’s video about „10 Million“. He just hit 10 million subscribers on YouTube lately. And he said the same thing as everyone else who has built a business or a big audience:

„Hitting 10 Million wasn’t as hard as reaching 1 Million. And reaching 1 Million wasn’t as hard as hitting the 100k. And 100k wasn’t as hard to come to as reaching the holy 10k.“

I think it’s so scary because in the very beginning you put in so much effort and work to reach a goal, realize a project, lose weight, gain weight, build an audience, start your business – but no one cares. Literally no one cares. You put in all the work but no one recognizes. No one sees it. No one even knows that you even exist (I mean people who didn’t know you before you started).

Maybe that’s the scary thing.

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Photo by Ryan Loughlin on Unsplash

I can see that example with my own YouTube channel as well. I’ve been doing this for a year now – but stell there are only 160 subscribers on my channel. Well, I honestly didn’t really spend time to figure out how to build an audience on YouTube. I just produced videos and published them because I liked it – and still like it.

But still there comes the thought in my mind every now and then if I should stop it „because no one really cares.“ I wonder why I should spend those hours with filming and editing. Should this time not be better invested?

These thoughts are toxic. It’s when our mind is focused on numbers, not on passion anymore. I guess everyone can relate; as soon as it comes to Social Media you’ll care about likes and followers at least once.

No matter if we talk about the downsides of social media and numbers or about reaching goals and realizing ideas – we’ve all been there. Every successful person has been there. Several times!

The secret is the same for everyone: Just keep going!

Just go for it!

Maybe we shouldn’t care about success or failure. Just about doing it.

Yeah, of course you need a plan. A plan that you think will lead you to success. Nobody makes a plan to fail obviously. But I think we shouldn’t set ourselves under this crazy pressure all the time. Maybe that’s the thing that ruins so many ideas and businesses. And it’s for sure that thing that kills the passion.

Just go for it!

Did you ever not make an idea true because you thought you would fail anyways? If yes, what was the idea about? // Let’s chat in the comment section below! ❤️

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