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The influence you have on this world is unimaginable

The past few weeks a question came to my mind again and again… “How big is our influence on this world and the people who live here actually? How many people will I influence in my whole life?”

I always used to think that at most I have influence on the few people that are close to me. But that’s not true at all. We all have an impact on millions of people. If only a small one – but we have an influence. Even if we don’t even leave our house.

8 Billion people

There are about 8 billion people in this world. What do you think, how many of them do you encounter in your entire life? There will be millions! You meet millions of people in this life. And you have an influence on every single one of them.

So how is it that we constantly think that we can’t do nothing and have no great influence? We often think that we can’t change situations that affect the world anyways. Because we are too small. We have no real influence on that.

Can you find yourself in those thoughts as well? I do definitely!

Your influence is widespread

Especially when I’m in a city somewhere, I notice how many people I meet. And on how many people I thus have an influence. Subconsciously, at least.

Everything that happens and is, causes something. Whether you smile at the people you meet or look grimly at them has a completely different effect. Maybe you do not consciously perceive a person because you are in thought. This other person might remember you later and is glad to have seen you because you inspired him to do something or he just found your easy way refreshing.

Maybe in the evening a father tells his family that he walked past the park and saw someone playing the guitar. Or that someone was sitting on the floor very sadly. Or that someone meditated there and spreaded an incredible silence and feelings of deep calm. That someone could be you.

How many times do we still think about people who have passed by even minutes later (in a positive and negative sense)?

Sammy C - Einfluss, beeinflussen, Welt
Photo by Alexandr Bormotin on Unsplash

This morning I was on my morningwalk like every morning. I live here in the countryside and don’t meet many people here. Nevertheless, at least 8 people drove past me. And they had a pretty direct influence on me, because I had to dodge and make room to let them pass by and had to look after my dog ​​so that nothing happens to him.

Of course these are things that we do automatically and they are neither good nor bad, but simply necessary to make living together possible.

Maybe these people later thought about me again and wondered why I was filming the landscape with my mobile phone. Maybe they were happy because Samy (our dog) obeys so well.

Who knows.

It’s crazy how we affect our environment.

Surround yourself with good influence

That’s probably why it’s that important that we choose the “conscious influences” wisely. We are steered in so many directions every day and so many other lives meet on ours. It’s all the more important to be aware of which influence is good for you and which is not. In my opinion you can’t always have everything under control and only let it be good. I definitely can’t. I get upset as well or overthink situations because a lot of things are just not fair. Many of these emotions come from unconscious influences. Those who were suddenly there.

It only starts with humans but there’s a lot more beyond

People are part of the whole. But they are not the whole thing. Our world is so much more than just us. From nature, animals, other planets to the universe. All this makes it whole. So we haven’t only an influence on people, but on the big picture. Every day. What you eat has an influence. What you do in nature, what you say to yourself … just everything. Somehow I find it scary when I read my own words here because it looks like you’re an elephant in a porcelain shop, breaking everything at the slightest misstep. It’s obviously not like that. Otherwise it would probably look very different here. But I still find it impressive to realize how big our influence is nevertheless.

Lately I found a website where I can see how much good I did to the environment while being a vegan. How many animal lives I’ve saved. It’s one animal per day as a vegan. I’d say I’m vegan for approximately 1 year now. It’s more than that, but I don’t really know how long it is. However, in one year I’ve saved 365 lives of animals. 365 – that’s a lot. Even though I can’t physically SEE the change or the saved lives – there are many affects running in the background. And being vegan is just one example in a thousand for how big our influence is!

Even if we don’t notice or see it in most situations. With this knowledge, it’s easier to live and act more consciously. Doing more for life instead of against …

What do you think about this topic? Let’s talk below in the comment section! ❤️

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