5. August 2018
Sammy C - Just go for it! - cover

Just f*ckin’ go for it! You’re worth it!

Okay, now I’m on fire! I just finished the series “Girlboss”. Maybe you know it – if not: Watch it! It’s a series about a girl […]
3. August 2018
Sammy C - influence, beeinflussen, Welt - cover

The influence you have on this world is unimaginable

The past few weeks a question came to my mind again and again… “How big is our influence on this world and the people who live […]
21. July 2017
Sam Cadosch - heart, listen, emotion. silence - cover

Your heart wants to tell you something… Please listen!

Life’s about love and warmth. And about listening to YOUR HEART, right? Most of you will agree with me I think. And it’s also my opinion. I […]
17. July 2017
Sam Cadosch - listen, winnter, talk, art - cover

Listening is true art – everyone can talk

The biggest problem we have with communication is that we don’t listen to unterstand. We’re listening to answer.  Do you know that great feeling when you […]
11. July 2017
Sam Cadosch - attraction, receive, positive - cover

Attract what you wish for – it works. Always.

Did you ever hear of the “Law of attraction”? Don’t worry – in this article here I won’t talk about the forces of the universe or […]
7. July 2017
Sam Cadosch - perfect, perfectionism - cover

Perfect? Hopefully not! – Did you know THIS about perfectionism?

Do you know that? You plan to do something. But in the end it just looks completely different. Your idea was so perfect but the result is […]
3. July 2017
Sam Cadosch - Up and down, high and low, high, low, way of life - cover

Up and down – The way of life

Life goes up and down. All the time. It doesn’t just go up. And that’s great. “Up and down” means being ALIVE Often I caught myself thinking […]
30. June 2017
Sam Cadosch - believe, believe in yourself, never forget yourself - cover

Believe in yourself and many closed doors open

Believe in yourself and no one can stop you. Because the belief in yourself opens so many more “closed” doors than you think. YOU are the […]
23. June 2017
Sam Cadosch - enough, I'm enough, worth, selflove, confidence.- cover

You’re enough! – Here’s why.

How many times a day do you think the thought “I’m not enough” is thought? Earlier in my life I also counted me to the people […]