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Hello autumn! 7 reasons to love this season!

Von |2018-09-24T16:10:49+02:00September 24th, 2018|General|

Yesterday was the official beginning of autumn. And it's the first beginning of autumn ever that I don't feel sad about. All the past years I really wanted summer to last forever and autumn - the harbinger of winter - never to come. This year is different. This year I'm really looking forward to autumn! [...]

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Time to make mistakes and take risks

Von |2018-09-17T09:53:45+02:00September 17th, 2018|General|

Deciding what you want in life and which path to choose by the age of 16? Uhmm okay. Makes sense. Or not. For me it doesn't.  In my opinion the ages between 18 and 30 are perfect to take risks and to make mistakes. To learn, to fall, to lose it all. To learn lessons [...]

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Acceptance got a new meaning | acceptancechallenge

Von |2018-09-03T11:43:17+02:00September 3rd, 2018|General|

Nowadays acceptance is a word that we hear everywhere. Such as "self-love" or "me-time". But I think most people don't really think about the deep meaning behind this word. Last year I posted an article about the same topic. Acceptance. Just before I started writing this one, I read the old one. And it became [...]

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Lifeupdate | 2018 is an incredible good teacher

Von |2018-08-27T12:40:20+02:00August 27th, 2018|General|

Finally a lifeupdate again! In June I wanted to write a blogpost about the past 6 months of 2018 as a "halfyear-review" or something like that. Now already 8 months have passed this year. It's crazy, how fast time flies... I didn't manage to write this post in June because since then I struggled a [...]

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Self-discipline | 6 tips to master your everyday life

Von |2018-08-16T17:40:12+02:00August 16th, 2018|General|

Unbelievable but true: You're reading the blogpost about self-discipline which was requested for such a long time! On Instagram you've asked me to write about this topic for months - so here we go... Self-discipline as the only way to success I never really thought about self-discipline. I just went to work each day and [...]

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Just f*ckin‘ go for it! You’re worth it!

Von |2018-08-05T16:50:40+02:00August 5th, 2018|General|

Okay, now I'm on fire! I just finished the series "Girlboss". Maybe you know it - if not: Watch it! It's a series about a girl who starts her own business. She doesn't give a sh*t about what people think about her and her ideas. She just goes for it! When I was done watching [...]

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