Why should you burn down all the bridges behind?

Earlier in my life I always had this „Plan B“ and bridges that could bring me back. Secretly I always trusted that if Plan A didn’t work, I could go back to Plan B. I could walk back the bridge and start again where I was.

But today I know that it’s better to burn down all bridges and to only have one way left that could bring me further. Here’s why 🙂

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All them successful people are already showing how it works: Only with (at least) 100% focus you’ll reach your goal. And only if you don’t have a Plan B. Because Plan B’s just hold you up!

If you burn down all the bridges behind you know there’s only one way. The way forward!

All the ways behind you are closed and washed away. For some of you this might sound intimidating. But it’s the only way how to keep the focus on one thing and one way. Because there’s no way back. You HAVE to move forward. And this brings you to success sooner or later.

And here I’m not talking about small little goals. I’m talking about the big, life changing ones.

Without a degree you’re nothing

I think you all know my story of my story about how I’ve quit my job (my education). But it’s just a really good story for examples.

When I was at that point where I decided to end this education I could have finished the last 9 months. If I had done this I had a degree now. But I didn’t do it. Because I wanted to burn down all the bridges so that I only have one way that HAS TO WORK. There was no other opportunity than success. Because I didn’t have another perspective. And that’s why I gave 1000% each day to come further and further.

And this is not just my key to success. I think it’s everyone’s key to success. All the people who have built big empires made experiences like that one. And they will all tell you that you have to do extraordinary things to reach extraordinary situations and lifetimes.

„I could also do this or that again if it doesn’t work“

No! With this mindset you shouldn’t even start.

There are so many people who have a Plan B. Before they start they think things like „If it doesn’t work I can go back to my old job or whatever“. But then, if you say or think things like that, you don’t really believe in what you’re about to do. Otherwise you would never think that. There can be only one way and if you focus on two, you’ll not reach the top of your favorite one.

Sam Cadosch - bridges, burn all old bridges, new way, why, decision

Walking back is nothing but laziness

I’ve NEVER seen a person who always gave 100%, burned down all the bridges and did NOT achieve his goal. It’s not possible not to be successful if you always give everything until you have what you’ve worked for.

But I’ve seen MANY people who did something for their goals without burning down all the bridges behind. And most of them arrived at a point where they realized that it’s not as easy as they have imagined. And then they walked back and did what they always did. They just gave up. And in my opinion this is pure laziness. Nothing else.

Where’s a will, there’s a way!

If you’re overweight and you have the goal to lose weight and reach your dream body, then you won’t start eating shit again after a month when you didn’t reach your goal yet – IF you’re serious. No, you go on till you’ve reached your goal!

And to reach this you have to burn down the old bridges into your head and replace them with new, good habits. And this is how it works. This is really important.

Your „why“ has to be stronger than stoneSam Cadosch - bridges, burn all old bridges, new way, why, decision - pin

And again we’re on this topic. Do you see how important it is? Wherever you want to achieve something – you need a really strong „why„.

Because BEFORE you burn down any bridge or start going any way, you need to know WHY you want that new way. And why exactly you don’t want the old way anymore. What’s better if you go the new way? And what made you think like that? What’s that bad that you want to start somewhere new?

You need to know this! Because without this it’s no goal. It’s just a dream – nothing thought-out.

If you didn’t do this before you started the probability is big that you relapse.

Earlier in my life I had many relapses because I didn’t have a way. I just thought „Yeah… this could be better.“ So I started working on it and just after some days or weeks I gave up because I had no plan and nothing.

Short and sweet

  1. Make sure how your new way should look like
  2. Ask yourself WHY you want that way and what the benefits of it are
  3. Be aware why you don’t want to go the old way anymore
  4. DECIDE to give everything to live that new life you want!
  5. Burn down all the bridges behind you and move forward
  6. Smile because you did it! <3

Did you ever burn down all the bridges behind you?