We all have them: Bad habits. And sometimes they’re just that bad that they totally stand in our way! Habits are really powerful, but we only realize that when we look closer.

Luckily we have habits in our life

We have habits since we’re children. And that’s great! I mean you don’t need to remind yourself to brush your teeth each evening before you go to bed. You do it anyway because it’s a process which has been automated in your brain. You can do it without thinking about it. That’s a good habit.

The dangerous thing with it is: The bad ones also work like that. You don’t even have to think of it anymore.

Unfortunately we have habits

As I said, habits can also block you if they’re bad ones. Maybe you think now of smoking or some bad habits like that. But these are just the obvious bad habits in our society. Much worse are the ones we didn’t even know they’re bad habits.

A negative mindset is also a bad habit, or unhealthy food, or too little movement. And these bad habits have a really huge effect to our lives!

The bad habits I had

Sam Cadosch - abits, new, old, good, flowerTo show you what I mean, I’ll tell you about some of my bad habits that I had.

I think I had all the bad habits that I wrote about above. I was smoking for too many years, ate unhealthy food all the time and I did’t do sports or something like that. And the worst one was: I always had a really negative mindset. I nearly never had positive thoughts.


So I was the complete opposite of what I am today. And I didn’t even realize that those were only bad habits.

Get rid of that!

First of all we need to recognize our bad habits. When I recognized mine, it still didn’t get better. Because they still blocked me. I wanted to change theses things when I realized them. But I always had „reasons“ not to do it. I just thought it’s a too big task to handle it. And so I kept those bad habits even longer.

But one day I realized, that bad habits are just excuses! Because most of the time the bad things are done easier than the good (I’m only talking about habits). I mean it’s easier to eat unhealthy food, ‚cause you can get it everywhere and you don’t have to think about something. To eat healthy is a challenge when you ‚re just started. So it’s just a stupid excuse when you don’t eat healthy even though you know it’s not good for your body and mind.

And then I started to change everything…

3 tips to get rid of bad habits

Here I want to share my top 3 tips to get rid of your blocking excuses. 😉

#1 Know that it’s no magic

When I started to deal with the topic of bad habits and recognized mine – I thought it has to be really difficult to get rid of them. I thought I have to cancel them from my brain. But that’s the first wrong thought.

Because we don’t have to cancel anything. You have processes in your brain. Habits are also processes that are automated. And you can’t cancel them. You can only replace them. And that’s great! Because this is much easier than deleting something.

And now the whole thing isn’t that hard anymore. Because now we can work with it. We recognize our bad habits and replace them with good habits. The most important thing with it is just that you know it’s no magic to replace a bad habit. It’s possible and thousands of people do it each day. So you can do it too, I’m sure!

#2 Ask yourself what the benefits of the new good habit areSam Cadosch - abits, new, old, good - pin

When I was writing about „goals“ I always told you that the most important thing is your „why„. Your purpose to reach this goal. And here it’s the same.

You need to know WHY you want to replace the bad habit with a good one. What are the benefits of the good habit? How can they change your life to the positive?

The first thing I personally did when I replaced my first bad habit was: I started to deal with healthy food. And I started to eat healthier and felt better each day. I had so much more power each day and I realized how bad my unhealthy eating habits really were. So I also did a lot of research about how bad unhealthy food (or another bad habit) really is.

That’s how I started and then it was just a chain reaction. When I was eating healthy all day and still smoked my cigarettes each day I no longer understood my own logic. Because why should I eat healthy to get a better health and then destroy it with my bad smoking habit? And that’s how I stopped with that as well.

#3 Write down the benefits

What really helped me to really reach those goals was writing down the positive effects. When I figured out how my life really should look like I wrote that down.

When it was about my health I wrote things like that:

  • I’m healthy
  • I have much more energy
  • I look better
  • I feel better
  • This makes me stronger
  • etc.

I never wrote sentences like „Stop smoking to be healthier“. Because that’s no sentence that helps your subconscious. You shouldn’t get reminded that you’re stopping to smoke each day. You should get reminded that you’re on your way to a healthier life each day!

It’s almost impossible to relapse

Now it’s almost impossible for me to relapse. Because I know all those bad things about my bad habits. How they blocked me from getting where I am now. And I know about all the benefits that my new, good habits are that replaced the bad ones.

With this knowledge it’s almost impossible to fall back. Because if I only think of doing something bad, I have 1000 thoughts in my head that give me the feeling that I’m going back to my poor old life. And I know that I really don’t want that. And then I remember all the positive effects of my new habits that I just can’t go back to a bad one. 🙂

That’s my secret of how I get rid of bad habits. The most important thing is just being a 1000% sure that you really WANT to change something. And then you just need to know why and get started.

Good luck!

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