Where’s a will, there’s a way – and this way brings us to our goals

We all have dreams, visions and goals. Many of you think, that these three words are the same. But they Sam Cadosch - goals, achieve, go furtheractually aren’t. We have to make our dreams goals and reach them goals to fulfill our vision. When we were young we all had crazy dreams. We wanted to become a princess, firefighter or maybe a famous singer – but one day we grew up and everyone told us that our dreams aren’t realistic and we should rather do something „real“. And that’s when we started to fit in the society. We changed our thoughts and dreams just to fit in. Because this is „normal“.

Our dreams from earlier time we forgot. But that’s not bad. To be honest… we don’t want to become a princess or Superman anymore anyway.

But still we have dreams! But a huge fear prevents us from making those dreams true.

Why do we always think that our dreams are too big?

Why? That’s a good question. I think it’s because we learn that we shouldn’t think too big and we shouldn’t expect too much from our lives. Cause it’s „normal“ to not be something special and not having something great. We learnt this in school, from our parents and many other people around us.

Today if you want to act you always think twice. „What will all the others think of me when I do this?“ And THIS is actually the problem.

We need to learn again that „normal“ isn’t always the best solution for us. That there’s more than average and we can make it however we want it. We all have dreams and expectations in life. And we should live them and reach goals to fulfill our lifetime.

Everyone of us is different. So we can’t have a solution that fits everyone. But that’s just how „the system“ thinks it is. Everyone has the same way. School, study, work. So how can someone think that this way is right for everyone even though we’re all so different? We don’t just look different or have another DNA. We think different and have different dreams and goals.

So why should we all go the same way in life?

Sam Cadosch - goals, achieve, go further - pinBe true to yourself: What do you really want? Which dreams would you like to make goals out of and achieve them? Maybe some of you think now things like „I want to become a Billionaire“ or „I want to live on a horse farm and just enjoy my life“. And after you thought that you think that these goals are too big, right? Or that you can’t reach this goal? Or that there are only a few people that have something like that in life?

I think I have to destroy this illusion.

Of course there ARE people that are born into a rich family. People who never know what financial problems are. And there are people who live in the most beautiful places on earth just because they were born right there.

But that doesn’t mean, that you can’t have that too! You can have everything you wish for. And everything you work for!

Just cancel all those „I can’t“ thoughts and start growing again!

And yes, I’m seriously. There’s really no dream that is too big. There are just people that think too small.

The first important thing if you want to reach something bigger than average is: Don’t make the limits of others your own ones. You’re the only person in your life who can decide where your limits are and what you can do and what you don’t want to do (because there’s no „can’t“)!

And that’s the next point: You can do whatever you want. People also told you, that you can’t become a singer or a dancer because you’re not „talented“ enough?

Talent doesn’t exist

Talent isn’t something you „have“. Talent is an illusion. If you learn something and do it until you could do it in your sleep, then you’re a pro in it. And then people will call you „talented“. But actually we can learn everything and we can learn to be „talented“.

Depending on the goal it can take more time to learn the skills or it takes less time. But fact is that you can learn everything, if YOU REALLY want it.

The key to success with this is just: Go! Go those little steps. Step by step. But go! If you do something little to come closer to your goal you WILL arrive there one day. The smaller the steps the more time it takes. But you still will arrive one day.

A little example for you: Your goals is to walk 100 meters. You just want to arrive at the end of this way you see now in front of you.

What do you do now? Yes! You start walking. Step by step to your goal. And even if you couldn’t walk you could crawl. And if you fall it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you stand up again to go ahead again. And also the speed doesn’t matter. Just go step by step.

Do you think that you’ll reach the end of this way? I think we all believe that. And it’s true.

To reach this goal you don’t need a talent. You just need a big will and staying power! And these are also the only two things you need to achieve any goal!

And here summarized, how to achieve goals:

  • Choose a dream
  • Ask yourself WHY this dream is so important for you
  • Transform your dream into a goal
  • Do little steps each day.

That’s it.

But one thing I need to say to the points above:

Your „WHY“

To know WHY you want to reach this goal is the most important thing on your journey of reaching your goal. Because a goal without a „why“ doesn’t make sense and you probably wont achieve it that way. Your „why“ gives you a reason to reach it and to work for it like crazy!

Your why is your way.

Here a little example of a bad „why“:

„My goal is to have a Ferrari and live in a dreamhouse right on the beach.“ Why? „Because it has to be great.“

This goal is much too weak and undefined.

Here a little example for a „why“ that works:

„My goal is to train every day and reach a very trained, strong body.“ Why? „Because I want to feel fit, strong, handsome and healthy. Because my body is the shell of my soul and I want to live my entire life with it. So it has to be healthy. I want to be there for my children and play with them outside also in my older years. And this is only possible if I have a strong, healthy body that has everything he needs!

This „why“ is strong. And you can work with it. Cause to quit with a purpose like that is much harder that with a reason like that one in the first example. Because you connected it with your life.

Did you understand how it works? It’s easier than you think, believe me.

Have the courage to live your life just the way YOU want it. Because this is the reason why you live.

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