Nowadays acceptance is a word that we hear everywhere. Such as „self-love“ or „me-time“. But I think most people don’t really think about the deep meaning behind this word.

Last year I posted an article about the same topic. Acceptance. Just before I started writing this one, I read the old one. And it became very clear, that when I wrote the other article I didn’t really know what acceptance is. Maybe I had a clue about what it could be and in which direction it could lead me. But I didn’t really know how it feels – even though at that point in my life I thought I knew what it is. Maybe I’ll look back to this post here in a year and think the same again. Let’s see where this beautiful journey leads to. 🙂

Acceptance and health

As you know from my lifeupdate I posted last Sunday, I had an extremely intense month when it comes to health. I spent my time at home for the whole month and tried to fix my health issues. I had terrible eczema-breakouts and tried to handle them.

These were endless hours, where I couldn’t sleep, eat nor do anything else. Hours in which I had two options: Accept or shatter.

Well, the second one wasn’t really an option. So all that was left was accepting it.

Naked in front of the mirror

In these times, when my skin disease was in such a terrible state, it didn’t just hurt mentally & physically. It also didn’t look nice, obviously. My skin was open, red as fire and the skin structure looked like the one of an elephant or a really old human being.

At the beginning of those crazy breakouts I kept my wounds hidden. I was wearing long clothes (even though we had fuckin‘ hot temperatures here). I tried to stay „normal“ and hide everything „abnormal“. This worked out pretty well for a time. Until the eczema also effected my facial skin. Of course I couldn’t hide my face as well…

That’s where this whole „acceptance thing“ has started. Subconsciously. I didn’t really decide to accept. But I still did somehow.

I caught myself more and more often standing in front of the mirror, looking at my face without judging it. I just looked at the situation and didn’t think anything bad about it. That was my first state. Quite quickly I started to even find BEAUTIFUL things into that mirror. I looked at my face with that bruised skin, but didn’t really see the wounds. I only saw pure beauty. Sometimes it were my eyes, sometimes my strong soul, sometimes my smile, sometimes my hope. There were so many beautiful things I started to see within myself „even though“ I looked SO sick and my skin was a disaster.

Sammy C - Akzeptanz / acceptance - bodyimage - cover

It was such a blessing to see and experience this process. Many days with looking at my face in the mirror and seeing the beauty passed until I realized what I was doing there!

But once I realized what I did and why this feels so good, I started „practicing“ this acceptance consciously. That’s when I started to stand in front of the mirror with my whole body. Naked. Each day.

Perceiving & accepting

This exercise has done to me so well, that I didn’t stop doing it til now. It’s so incredible how this has changed my perspective towards my body! I have the deep desire to treat my body well and support him in every way possible.

If this acceptance helps so much with accepting my body and to love it, where else could acceptance do wonders?

I think there’s no part in life, where acceptance isn’t the key to something better and more beautiful.

Acceptance and the inner child

At some point I started to wonder why it’s so hard to accept? Why is it so difficult? Or is it just me that has such troubles when it comes to acceptance? ?

Quite quickly some examples from my childhood came into my mind. Experiences where acceptance was „a bad thing“ for me.

In my childhood I often heard the sentence „Just accept it.“ from my father. In so many situations this was the answer. Mostly in moments when I asked him why I can’t do or have something. Or when I had to do things I didn’t want to do. This „Just accept it!“ triggered a feeling of being powerless. Of having no choice. Of being delivered.

Don’t get mr wrong: I know that it’s normal that other people make decisions for us as children. And that’s good!

But there were too many moments where it was „about the principle“ and about making clear who’s the boss and who isn’t. That I’m not the one who makes the decision for my life and that I’m the one who has to obey.

I think that I still carried this feeling in relation to acceptance in my subconsciousness. I always felt like I lose control when I just accept (bad) situations. That I can’t decide the direction anymore. That’s why I didn’t want to accept, but always keep the control over all the situations.

Especially if it comes to health and body it’s essential to accept the situation first. To walk in ONE direction with you body & soul.

Sammy C - Akzeptanz / acceptance - denken

Everyday life with acceptance

So many things happen in our everyday lives each day. So many things we could get upset about. We could curse about. Exactly these little moments have so much to do with acceptance in my opinion.

That’s why I started asking myself regularly, if I can change what happened?

Mostly these are situations like: A broken glass, I have to wait for people because they’re late, someone is in a bad mood and leaves it on me, etc.

All those situations could be upsetting. But just as long as we don’t accept them. When we accept the situations, we don’t take them personally anymore and this leads us to a more calm reaction and feeling. We don’t feel treated unfair if we don’t take it personally. And we don’t get that upset about things when we accept them.

Therefore: Breathe & accept. This acceptance changes so much in our everyday lives, our health and simply in our whole life.


Right now the topic „acceptance“ is about to be spread more within my Instagram tribes – which I, personally, find amazing! This „whole thing“ is called #acceptancechallenge. It’s originally in german (#akzeptanzchallenge) and people tell their personal stories about acceptance under this hashtag. I just saw that the english one doesn’t have many stories yet. One reason more to spread it here! I think that’s such an amazing way to connect and become aware of an important topic. ❤️Have a look & get inspired.?


How do you handle & practice acceptance? What’s the most important aspect about it in your opinion? Let’s chat in the comments! ❤️

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