Life’s about love and warmth. And about listening to YOUR HEART, right?

Most of you will agree with me I think. And it’s also my opinion. I think life IS about love, warmth and listening to our heart. Strange that it’s exactly THAT what we forget so often…

Sam Cadosch - heart, listen, emotion. silence - hand

When did you listen to your heart for the last time?

Now my answer to this question is: „Today. Just a moment ago.“

If you had questioned me the same some days or weeks ago my answer would have been something like „Umm…let me think of that… I don’t know when the last time was.“

And that’s shocking! Because if we unlearn to listen to our hearts and our intuition we’re about to act like robots. Everything’s factually and superficially.

If our brain takes over, the warmth gets lost

The last few days I did so much. I really worked my ass off. I thought that I always have to be present. That I need to upload a new blogpost, a video or just an Instapost every day.

While others sat outside and enjoyed the sun I was inside in front of my MacBook. There were days when I got up at 5 o’clock in the morning and started working. And at 10 o’clock in the evening I stopped the work. Then I fell into my bed totally destroyed. Everything went as planned and my brain ran high-ways.

But one day was the day when I just had no energy anymore. I had to take a break. Nothing was fun anymore and I was just done.

I never told anyone. I always thought „It has to look like everything’s ok and everything’s fine.“.

You can’t believe how grateful I am that I don’t think like that anymore right now.

One day your heart starts yelling so that you finally listen!

The day came when I had some issues in my private life… That’s why I took a break from everything.

I realized that this was urgently needed! I’ve thought of so many things. I became aware again of who I really am, what I really want, what I don’t want and in which direction I wanted my life to go.

Finally I listened to my heart.

Take the time and get lost in your thoughts every once in a while.

Follow your intuition – not your brain

Sam Cadosch - heart, listen, emotion. silence - leafThere are many other people that exactly know what I mean. People who are in this situation as well. And I hope I can help some of you with this blogpost here. Because it’s really important! Most of the people never start listening to their hearts again ‚cause it’s too late… Don’t be one of them!

In life we follow our logic and our brain way too often. And I don’t mean you shouldn’t think of things anymore. Still make wise decisions and don’t follow your heart blindly. But also don’t shut down your heart and only follow your brain. That doesn’t make happy.

Think deeper and feel deeper. Listen to your heart and communicate with it. Ask yourself where you want to go and what you need in life. What are you missing and where do you want to go.

Less work, more success

Sam Cadosch - heart, listen, emotion. silence

Now I’m still in this thoughtful mode. And I love it. I have so many inspirational thoughts and ideas and I care so much more for myself now.

While I write this here, I’m sitting outside on my balcony. I listen to music and feel the wind in my hair. It’s a grey day. But I feel good! This here comes from my heart. 

And that’s the point.

Since I had this break I take much more time for myself. I care for myself and I do things with my whole heart again. I don’t do things the whole day long that don’t fulfill me anymore.

Sometimes I sit down outside with a cup of tea and just let my thoughts and feelings flow. Sometimes this takes one hour or more.

If I had done this some days ago I would have thought something like „Omg, how unproductive! Get your ass up and work!“.

But today I’m wiser. Today I know that it’s all about those hours or minutes when we let it flow. It’s where my creativity comes from and also my joy. It’s inner peace that fills up my soul.

And that’s what we all need more.

And you know what? Since I do less work and chill more. I earn more money! And I’m much happier. Means I’m much more successful than before. <3

I receive cute messages every day where people tell me how much my words helped them. Just because I started to let my thoughts flow on my posts again. Thoughts that come directly out of my heart. People see that and they give warmth back. It’s just amazing! It’s a circle of beauty and love.

I’m so grateful for this wake-up call

For me this break felt like a wake-up call that was urgently needed. And I’m really grateful for it!

The world outside and the people mostly can’t see what goes on inside us. It just looks okay. But inside it’s a mess. Don’t let this mess win. Clean it up every once in a while. And then shine bright in a honest way!

Life is amazing! Enjoy it <3. And don’t stress 🙂